• Sonoma Strong

    One year ago this week, the Sonoma County wildfires ravaged through my hometown of Sonoma, CA. It was a chaotic and devastating time through out the community, and everyone knows someone affected by the fire, whether through having to evacuate for weeks, or losing their homes and/or businesses. 

    My childhood home and neighboring relatives' home escaped flames within feet. I will be forever grateful to the firefighters and public safety workers who prevented such devastation and loss to our family. My heart still breaks for the many people who were not as fortunate.

    I lived in Sonoma 29 of my 32 years and it holds a special place in my heart. It encouraged my love of photography because it is never short of beautiful views and subjects to shoot. Though a lot of the area's scenic spots have burnt, I am grateful that I was able to capture several through out the years. Here are a few of my favorites. 

  • Irene & Adriana


    Bodega Bay, CA

    I met Adriana at work and we've become great friends! I met her girlfriend Irene through her and we've become close too. I was very excited to do this shoot for them! It was supposed to be an anniversary surprise from Irene, 6 months in the making, but Adriana found out amonth before because she's a brat like that (JK, love you! ;-) ).

    We got EXTREMELY lucky with the weather and the fact that in was crystal clear at our location (Salmon Creek in Bodega). Couldn't have asked for a better and fun time to photograph their love. 

    Enjoy these favorites from the shoot and if interested in a shoot of your own please email me (

  • Sarah - Sonoma State University - Class of 2018

    Some of my favorites from a college senior photo shoot taken at the beautiful Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park, CA on April 22nd, 2018. 

    Congratulations Sarah during this exciting time in your life! :-)