Hello & Welcome! I'm so glad you are here!
I'm Shannon & I am the creator and face behind Shannon Clark Photo & Art (formerly known as S.S.C. Photography).

I am a Northern California native who considers myself extremely lucky to be surrounded by so much natural beauty and to be living in close proximity to some amazingly photographic destinations. Because of this awesome environement I live in, I decided to pick up the hobby of photography in early 2011.

I've always had a life long love of art and color. This obsession lead me to the decision to use the camera as a tool to capture and create the kind of art that makes me smile and swoon - happy, fun, bright and unexpected! I am obsessed with color and believe it has a strong effect on one's mood. I know that when I see the perfect shade of a peachy, light pink or bright, retro mint blue I instantly feel happy and don't think I'm alone when it comes to associating certain colors with good times, good memories, etc... I love capturing ordinary, everyday subjects and things and adding a fun, colorful twist to them with a variety of vintage to modern finishes and effects to capture a mood and evoke a feeling (hopefully positive!) through my work.

I started selling my photogrpahy on handmade website Etsy as S.S.C Photography in early 2011 and it was successful right off the bat! My shop can now be found there as Shannon Clark Photo Art. I absolutely adore knowing people love my work enought to purchase it and feature it in their home and I always feel that excitement with every new order even all these years later!

Along the way of selling on Etsy, some wonderful opportunites arose and were born through some amazing partnerships.

In the summer of 2012,  I became an artist with an amazing home decor company based out of Denver, CO called DENY Designs. They are an incredible business with an amazing group of talented artists who's work is featured on home decor products such as duvets, shower curtains, throw pillows and blankets and so much more! Deny has recently been picked up by several large retailers including Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Target.com, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Kohls.com and she has been honored to be included amongst the artists in these collections. 

My artwork currently can be found in thousands of homes all around the world on a variety of mediums and I am exploring new product opportunities all the time, so check in often!

I am currently enrolled in art classes at my local junior college to expand my creativity and explore new areas of art. Painting, drawing and illustration really interest me and I look forward to learning all I can about them and to add them alongside my photography work in the future!
All in all, I'm just a person who loves creating and these creative activities bring me the most joy in life. I'm glad you found me and hope you like what you see! Thanks for stopping by!